The T's in England

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Can you name the people, places and events of England that begin with the letter 'T'?

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Among which 19th century novelist works are six novels known collectively as the 'Chronicles of Barsetshire'?
Nottingham, Gainsborough and Newark all stand on which river?
Which agriculturalist born in Basildon, Berkshire perfected an economic horse-drawn seed drill in 1701?
What was the name of the soldier, the 1st Earl of Shrewsbury, appointed Constable of France in 1445 by Henry VI?
Which town in the North York Moors is home to a racecourse and was the home of the vet James Wight (James Herriot)?
Which Welshman had a relationship with, and probable secret marriage to, Catherine of Valois, widow of King Henry V?
Which Yorkshire fast bowler represented England in 67 Test matches and was known as 'Fiery Fred'?
Which notorious gallows erected in 1571 and last used 1783 stood near the present day Marble Arch in London?
Which late TV actor played the parts of Jack Regan, Chief Inspector Morse and James Kavanagh QC?
In which bay in Devon did William Prince of Orange, afterwards King William III, land in 1688?
What is the county town of Somerset?
Which town on the River Biss in Wiltshire was a centre for woollen cloth production from the 14th to the late 19th century?
Which town on the River Tame in Staffordshire was the Reliant Motor Company founded in 1935 and is home to an 11th century Norman castle?
Which highwayman executed 1739 is known for his fictional 200-mile overnight ride from London to York?
Which 60s band had the hits ''Wild Thing', 'With a Girl Like You' and 'Love Is All Around'?
Who won decathlon gold medals in both the 1980 Moscow and 1984 Los Angeles Olympics?
The TV sitcom 'Fawlty Towers' was set in which seaside town in Devon?
Which artist painted 'Rain, Steam and Speed - The Great Western Railway', 'Dutch Boats in a Gale' and 'Fishermen at Sea'?
Henry VI's son Edward, Prince of Wales was killed at which 1471 battle in Gloucestershire in the Wars of the Roses?
What was the name of the last Whig Prime Minister and founder of the Liberal Party, Viscount Palmerston?

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