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Can you name the nicknames of the monarchs?

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Richard I1189-99
James I & VI1603-25
Edward VI1547-53
Henry II1154-89
Edward the ...899-924
Aethelred the ...979-1013; 1014-16
Edward I1272-1307
George III1760-1820
William I the ...1066-87
Athelstan the ...924-39
Edmund I the ...939-46
Harold II1066
Elizabeth I1558-1603
Henry IV1399-1413
Alfred the ...871-99
Charles II1660-85
Edward the ...1042-66
Edward VII1901-10
Henry I1100-35
William II1087-1100
Edgar the ...959-75
Elizabeth II1952-now
William III1689-1702
Mary I Tudor1553-58
Edmund II1016
Harold I1035-40
Eadwig (or Edwy) the ...955-59
Canute the ...1016-35
Lady Jane Grey1553
Edward the ...975-79
Richard III1483-85
William IV1830-37

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