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Beautiful Bluebird; Ordinary People; No Hidden Path
Falling From Above; Devil's Sidewalk; Grandpa's Interview
Big Time; Slip Away; This Town
Revolution Blues; For the Turnstiles; Motion Pictures
Payola Blues; Wonderin'; Jellyroll Man
Walk with Me; Angry World; Peaceful Valley Boulevard
Black Coral; Ocean Girl; Guardian Angel
Differently; Let's Roll; Be With You
White Line; Love to Burn; Days That Used to Be
The Old Country Waltz; Bite the Bullet; Like a Hurricane
Get Back to the Country; My Boy; Bound for Glory
Look Out for My Love; Lotta Love; Field of Opportunity
Rockin' in the Free World; Hangin' on a Limb; Too Far Gone
Don't Let It Bring You Down; I Believe in You; Birds
Borrowed Tune; Albuquerque; Tired Eyes
Cinnamon Girl; Down by the River; Cowgirl in the Sand
Violent Side; Hard Luck Stories; Drifter
Danger Bird; Drive Back; Cortez the Killer
Shock and Awe; Flags of Freedom; Roger and Out
When Worlds Collide; Off the Road; Light a Candle
Computer Age; We R in Control; Sample and Hold
A Man Needs a Maid; Heart of Gold; Old Man
Mideast Vacation; Cryin' Eyes; We Never Danced
Buffalo Springfield Again; The Great Divide; Razor Love
Unknown Legend; War of Man; Dreamin' Man
The Loner; The Old Laughing Lady; Here We Are in the Years
Ten Men Workin'; Married Man; One Thing
Little Wing; The Old Homestead; Union Man
Thrasher; Pocahontas; Powderfinger
Song X; I'm the Ocean; Scenery
Driveby; Safeway Cart; Trans Am
Opera Star; T-Bone; Rapid Transit
The Painter; It's a Dream; This Old Guitar

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