Mary, Queen of Scots

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Mary belonged to which royal house?
Who was Mary's father?
Who was Mary's mother?
Who was Mary's first husband?
Who was Mary's second husband?
Who was Mary's third husband?
Which of Mary's husband's was murdered when his house was blown up?
Who was Mary's private secretary, murdered in 1566?
Mary was deposed in 1567 and imprisoned in a castle on which Scottish loch?
Mary escaped and eventually fled to which country?
Mary claimed to be heir presumptive to the crown of which country?
What was the Queen of England Elizabeth I 's religion?
What was Mary's religion?
Who's plot in 1571 to put Mary on the throne of England led to the execution of the Duke of Norfolk?
Who plotted in 1583 to put Mary on the throne of England?
Who was Elizabeth I's Secretary of State, now determined to have Mary executed?
Following a trap laid by Walsingham, who's plot of 1586 led to Mary's execution?
Mary was executed in which English castle in 1587?
Mary's execution was a major factor toward which famous event of 1588?
What was the name of Mary's son who eventually became King of England?

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