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A veteran; an elderly person
Money received when you retire
Nickname of the 18th century British Admiral Edward Vernon
Nortorious English 'rotten borough' near Salisbury, disenfranchised 1832
The personification of time itself, also known as Chronus
Nursery rhyme King who was a Merry Old Soul
Elite veterans forming the most prestigious formation in Napoleon's Grande Armée
Nickname for the devil
Nickname of the 18th century claimant to the British throne James Edward Stuart
Slang term for the police or a policeman
Nickname of the US state of Maryland
Nickname of US President Andrew Jackson
Nickname of a geyser in Yellowstone National Park
Nursery rhyme about a farmer and his animals (e, i, e, i, o)
Of a style or method formerly in vogue; outdated
Novel by Charles Dickens 'The..............'
A common nickname for the flag of the United States
Nostalgic term used by immigrants for they're original nation of origin
Nursery rhyme about an old woman and her dog
Nickname of WWII US General George Patton

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