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First female Prime Minister of the UK
First to cross Niagara Falls on a tightrope
First American to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
First US Supreme Court chief justice
First to fly across the Atlantic
First country to win the FIFA World Cup
First American President to be assassinated
First to swim the English Channel
First wife of King Henry VIII
First Norman King of England
First battle of the English Civil War
First city to stage the Modern Olympics
First woman to receive the US Medal of Honor
First crowned Tsar of Russia
First World Heavyweight boxing champion
First and only US President to resign from office
First to win two Nobel Prizes
First to circumnavigate the world
First crowned Queen of England
First US President to be impeached
First Valois King of France
First animal in space
First to climb Mount Everest
First city to have traffic lights
First to perform a human heart transplant
Person or EventName
First to fly an aeroplane
First to win Superbowl
First Emperor of Rome
First and only Prime Minister to be assassinated
First Battle of the Wars of the Roses
First Prime Minister of Israel
First murderer, according to the Bible
First King of Israel
First official World Chess Champion
First American in space
First elected President of the USA
First team to win the World Series
First to win the European Champions Cup
First talking motion picture
First man on the moon
First woman to fly solo across the Atlantic
First battle of the American Revolution
First US president to die in office
First to fly solo across the Atlantic
First to reach the South Pole
First to cross Antarctic Circle
First man in space
First Battle of the US Civil War
First to break the sound barrier
First Prime Minister of Great Britain

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