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Who was the historian, politician, diplomat and author of 'The Prince' first published 1532?
Who was the 16th century Queen of France and Regent during the Saint Bartholomew's Day massacre of 1572?
Who was the electrical engineer often credited as the inventor of radio?
Which 18th century adventurer and author is remembered for his affairs and gives his name to a modern womanizer?
Who was the explorer, navigator and cartographer after whom the Americas are named?
Who was the sculptor, painter and architect who painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling and sculptured the statue of 'David'?
Which physicist is known for the invention of the electric battery in 1800?
Who is the actress who appeared in the films 'Two Women', 'Today and Tomorrow' and 'Marriage Italian-Style'?
Who was the polymath and archetype 'Renaissance Man' who painted the 'Mona Lisa'?
Which physicist and mathematician is best known for his invention of the barometer?
Who was the physicist, mathematician and astronomer who discovered the four largest satellites of Jupiter?
Who is the fashion designer whose company had a turnover of $1.6bn in 2012?
Who was the general called 'The Hero of Two Worlds' and 'The Father of Modern Italy'?
Which composer is best known for his violin concertos 'The Four Seasons'?
Which operatic tenor singer was one of 'The Three Tenors'?
Who was the five time Academy Award winning film director whose films include 'La Dolce Vita'?
Which artists works include 'The School of Athens', 'The Three Graces' and 'Madonna & Child'?
Who was the 13-14th century author of 'Convivio' and 'The Divine Comedy'?
Which 13th century Dominican friar and priest is known as 'Doctor Angelicus' and 'Doctor Communis'?
Which daughter of Pope Alexander VI has been accused of incest, poisoning and murder?
Who was the explorer and merchant famous for his travels in central Asia and China?

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