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Can you name the Executions by date and nationality?

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2nd December 1859American
15th October 1917Dutch
17th July 1918Russian
29th October 1618English
15th October 1945 French
6th July 1535 English
28th April 1945Italian
23rd August 1305Scottish
11th November 1880Australian
3rd January 1946 English
13th February 1542English
17th January 1977American
8th February 1587Scottish
24th October 1945Norwegian
12th February 1554English
16th October 1793 French
31st January 1606English
19th May 1536English
28th July 1540 English
5th April 1794 French
30th May 1431 French
14th March 1757 British
31st May 1962German
23rd December 1953Georgian-Soviet
30th January 1649 English
19th June 1953 American
7th December 1815French
9th October 1967 Argentine
2nd July 1934 German
21st January 1793French

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