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Can you name the people and events during the reign of Elizabeth I?

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In what year was Elizabeth born?
Who was her father?
Who was her mother?
Who was her half-brother?
Who was her half-sister?
Who did she appoint as her Chief Minister?
Who was her Secretary of State and spymaster?
Who was her favourite and alleged lover?
What was Elizabeth's religion?
From what disease did Elizabeth nearly die in 1562?
Who was Elizabeth's cousin and heir to the throne?
In what year did Mary Queen of Scots arrive in England?
Which Duke was executed for his part in the Ridolfi Plot against Elizabeth?
Who was knighted on board his ship the Golden Hind in 1580?
Whose plot against Elizabeth led to Mary Queen of Scots execution?
In what year was Mary Queen of Scots executed?
What famous event occured in 1588?
Who led a revolt against Elizabeth and was executed in 1601?
In what year did Elizabeth I die?
Elizabeth was succeeded by who?

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