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In who's reign was the period known as 'The Anarchy'?
Which Admiral was executed in 1757 for failing to 'do his utmost' to prevent Minorca falling to the French?
In the Wars of the Roses who was 'The Kingmaker'?
Edward III's eldest son is commonly known by what name?
Which king was killed at the Siege of Chalus?
Simon de Montfort led a rebellion against which king?
Which Admiral won the battle of Quiberon Bay in 1759?
Which Admiral was known as 'Old Grog'?
Who said, 'You are no Parliament, in the name of God, go!'
Name the Archbishop of Canterbury murdered in 1170
Name the last king to lead troops into battle.
Edward I summoned which famous Parliament in 1295?
Which General won the battle of Quebec in 1759?
Name Elizabeth I's favourite and alleged lover.
Which king started the 100 Years War?
What was the name of Henry VIII's elder brother?
Edward the Elder was the son of which Anglo-Saxon king?
Who was crowned king on 6th January 1066?
Which king was 'the Wisest Fool in Christiandom'?
Who did Charles I create Archbishop of Canterbury in 1633?

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