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Can you name the following people and events associated with English history that begin with the letter 'C'?

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Who was the king of England executed 30th January 1649?
Which explorer born 1728 made three voyages to the Pacific and was killed in Hawaii 1779?
Which Prime Minister was present at the battles of Omdurman and Spion Kop and served in the trenches in WWI?
Which of Henry VIII's wives was executed for treason for committing adultery in 1542?
Which Dane was King of England 1016-35?
Horatio Nelson defeated a Danish-Norwegian fleet anchored just off which European city in 1801?
Which poet c1343-1400 was the author of 'The Canterbury Tales'?
The king's supporters during the English Civil War were known as Royalists and by what other name?
Which battle did Edward III win in France in 1346 during the 100 Years War?
Who was the archaeologist who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922?
Who was Henry VIII's Chief Minister from 1532 until his execution 1540?
Which city was England's last possession in France, lost in 1558?
Who was the artist 1776-1847 whose paintings include 'Dedham Vale' and 'The Hay Wain'?
Which General surrendered at Yorktown 1781 effectively ending the American Revolution?
Who became the first Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury in 1532 and was burned at the stake in 1556?
At which battle of 1746 was the Young Pretender 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' defeated by George II's son the Duke of Cumberland?
When George IV first met his future wife he called for a glass of brandy in dismay, who was she?
Who won the Battle of Plassey in 1757 which established the East Indian Company's control over Bengal in India?
Which Saint c.634-687 is regarded as the patron saint of northern England?
The English were defeated near Bordeaux 1453 in which last battle of the 100 Years War?

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