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Can you name the things in Europe that begin with the letter 'A'?

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The Italian cities of Florence and Pisa stand on which river that flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea?
Which country ceased to exist from 1938 until 1945?
Which 'impenetrable' forest region of Belgium and Luxembourg did the Nazi's break through in their attack on France in 1940?
In which city can be found the Acropolis and the Parthenon?
Which city stands on the Dvina river near the White Sea in Northern Russia?
Which mountain range is called the 'Backbone of Italy'
Which sea lies between Italy and the Balkan Peninsula?
Which city is Scotland's third most populous and nicknamed the 'Granite City'?
Of which country was Zog I king from 1928 until 1939?
Seville is the capital of which autonomous community in southern Spain?
Which UK island is separated from north west Wales by the Menai Strait?
Which city in Jutland is the second largest city in Denmark?
Which French commune in Corsica was the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte?
Which sea lies between mainland Greece and Turkey?
Which Belgian city on the river Scheldt is linked to the North Sea by the Westerschelde estuary?
Faro is the capital of which southernmost region of Portugal, a popular tourist destination??
Strasbourg is the capital of which northeastern French region that borders both Germany and Switzerland?
In which city can be found the Rijksmuseum and the Oude Kerk?

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