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Capital of Belarus
The longest river in North America
The longest river in Canada
Former name of Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu State, southern India
A British overseas territory in the West Indies, capital Plymouth
An overseas region of France in the Caribbean, capital Fort-de-France
Highest mountain in North America, in Alaska
Administrative area of the Principality of Monaco known for it's casino
Capital of the Australian State of Victoria
City and port in the extreme northwest of Russia, largest city north of the Arctic Circle
Former Imperial capital of Morocco
Relatively intact Incan cultural site in Peru
City in southernmost Sweden, the country's third largest
The second holiest city in Islam, burial place of the Prophet Muhammad in the Hejaz region of Saudi Arabia
Town in Greece, scene of a battle in 490BC and name of a long distance Olympic race
Desert occupying a significant portion of southeastern California
Name of the strait and gulf between Sicily and Italy
Capital of the Philippines
Augusta is the capital of this US State
Island nation in the Indian Ocean, capital Male
Major port and second largest city in Kenya
A river of mainland China and Indochina emptying into the South China Sea
Valley in Utah-Colorado consisting of isolated red mesas and buttes, often used in films
Second largest city in Iran and one of the holiest cities to Shia Muslims
A mountain in the Alps on the border between Switzerland and Italy, also called Cervin and Cervino
Country in Central America with a capital of the same name
Second largest city in France, on the Mediterannean coast
Karakoram was the 13th century capital of this Asian Empire
Largest city in the U.S. state of Wisconsin
Landlocked country in Asia north of China and south of Russia
Capital of Russia
Birthplace of the prophet Muhammad in present day Saudi Arabia
Inland sea that that connects the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea
Second-largest city in Italy and capital of the region of Lombardy
Capital of Spain
Large city on the Atlantic coast of southeast Florida
Former name of Madagascar
West African country, the location of Timbuktu
Capital of the island nation of Comoros
This Indian city used to be called Bombay
Canadian prairie province, capital Winnipeg
Largest city in the Canadian province of Quebec
Name of the channel that seperates Madagascar from Africa; and of an African country
Capital of the US State of Wisconsin
Tangier and Casablanca are in this African country
Landlocked country in Europe lying between the Ukraine and Romania
Island nation in the Mediterannean Sea awarded the George Cross in 1942
Name of the area of the Tigris–Euphrates river system, largely corresponding to modern-day Iraq
City in Tennessee with the same name as an ancient Egyptian city
Former Portuguese colony in China

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