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Game played with a ball and mallet
Ithaca Ivy League
Hershey's, Nestle, or Dove
The ______ Factory (restaurant)
A dark shade of red
Taco Bell mascot
Indian spiced tea
Seasonal peppermint-flavored confection
USA's neighbor to the north
TV show about sister witches
A place to grab a quick burrito
Silent movie icon
A type of running or skiing
Crabs, lobster, crayfish, shrimp, etc.
Popular beverage that comes from beans
Essential component of the previous
Alternative to trash or recycling
Common spice in pumpkin-based dishes
To make a scarf using hook and yarn
Your noggin, or a popular board game
Under-appreciated step-sister turned princess
Residence of the previous
Holey footwear fad
2.54 in an inch
Waxy writing instrument
____ Boss (reality TV show)
Windy City team
Haim or Feldman
_____ clear or ______chandelier
Yankee ______ Co. (retail)
Type of the previous used to repel mosquitos
Skiing mecca of the USA
Former Tonight Show host, Johnny ______
A school subject, or to have a good rapport with someone
Indestructible insect
Movie theater
Heart healthy breakfast, comes in multigrain, honey nut, fruity, chocolate, and banana varieties.
November birthstone
South American country or spicy fruit
Geico spokesperson

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