The World of Doug Funnie

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Can you name the people, places and things important in the world of Doug Funnie?

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According to Skeeter, what is nature's candy?
What is the name of the Bluffington amusement park?
Quail Man wears what garment on his head?
Yodeling was utilized in which song by The Beets?
To whom does Doug relay his stories?
QuestionAnswerFun Fact
Doug moves to which town?
What is Doug's mother's name?
What shape is Porkchop's doghouse?
What is the name of the local fast food hangout?
What is the name of the vice principal at Doug's school?
QuestionAnswerFun Fact
Who is Doug's secret agent alter ego?
What is Doug's address?
What is Mr. Dink's catphrase?
What is Doug's father's name?
What is Mr. Dink's wife's name?
QuestionAnswerFun Fact
Doug is originally from which town?
What is Doug's middle name?
What is the name of the mall in Bluffington
What is the name of Doug's adventuresome archaeologist alter ego?
'Skeeter' is short for what name?

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