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Can you name the people who've had nicknames granted to them by George W. Bush ?

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BrownieFEMA chief operating officer 2003-05
BulletsUS Secretary of Agriculture 2001-05, Executive Director of UNICEF
MartitaNewsweek reporter
SabretoothCongressman, Massachusetts 4th
The CommissionerConservative pundit, baseball lover
Kenny BoyCEO of Enron, 1986-2002
LandslideUK Prime Minister, 1997-2007
Big CountryFEMA Director, 2001-03
PedroCongressman, Michigan 2nd
Brother TenetCIA Director, 1997-2004
FristyUS Senate Majority Leader, 2003-07
The Adding MachinePresident of the World Bank
FredoUS Attorney General, 2005-07
Thunderbolt LindseyUS National Economic Council Director 2001-02, Mastermind of Bush's tax cut
HadsWhite House National Security Advisor (2005-)
JohnnyGovernor of Connecticut, 1995-2004
BivUS Ambassador to Sweden, 2004-06
Marlboro ManCongressman from California, 1993-2007
FrazierUS Senator from California
BarneyCo-founder of The Weekly Standard
AliUS Senator from California
Factor, Big OFox News Pundit
Congressman Kick-AssCongressman from New York, 1999-2007
SpeakSpeaker of the House, 1999-2006
Pootie-PootPresident of Russia, 2000-08
El Grande JorgeCongressman, California 7th
BalloonfootUS Secretary of State, 2001-05
MaxieUS Senator from Montana
The Big OUS Senator from Maine
The BladeGovernor of Indiana
Big JoeWhite House Deputy Chief of Staff, 2001-08
CorndogUS Senator from Texas
BushieFirst Lady, 2001-09
MortonThe McLaughlin Group, Roll Call
CelloochGovernor of Massachusetts, 1997-2001
SenatorUS Senator from Massachusetts, 1962-2009
DinoPrime Minister of Canada, 1993-2003
Rock, 'BamaPresident of the United States
MayorCongressman of Ohio 10th
PabloUS Senator from Minnesota, 1991-2002
VeepUS Vice President, 2001-09
T-BoneUS Ambassador to Morocco
Big Stretch, Super Stretch Vice President of Fox News
High Prophet, The Enforcer, Hurricane KarenCounselor to George W. Bush, US Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy (2005-)
CookieWhite House Chef, 1994-2005
MitchieUS Senator from Kentucky
GuruUS Secretary of State, 2005-09
YoshFormer White House Chief of Staff
CamaronesFox News chief political correspondent
CobraNew York Times columnist
T.D.Congressman, Virginia 11th
RichieColumnist, Former press secretary for Dan Quayle and Newt Gingrich.
La MargaritaUS Secretary of Education, 2005-09
Little StretchNBC News White House correspondent
Bandar BushSaudi Arabia Ambassador to U.S.
Turd BlossomPolitical Strategist to George W. Bush
Dick'Time' White House correspondent
NellieUS Senator from Nebraska
HutchUS Senator from Arkansas, 1997-2003
PanchoNew York Times food critic
DulceCNN senior political correspondent
FreddoCongressman, Michigan 6th
PoppyUS President, 1989-93
Tangent ManWhite House Chief of Staff, 2001-06
Double TGovernor of Wisconsin, 1987-2001
Sweet SusanUS Senator from Maine

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