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Can you name the people who've had nicknames granted to them by George W. Bush ?

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T.D.Congressman, Virginia 11th
Little StretchNBC News White House correspondent
Rock, 'BamaPresident of the United States
Brother TenetCIA Director, 1997-2004
Sweet SusanUS Senator from Maine
RichieColumnist, Former press secretary for Dan Quayle and Newt Gingrich.
Turd BlossomPolitical Strategist to George W. Bush
Marlboro ManCongressman from California, 1993-2007
Big CountryFEMA Director, 2001-03
MaxieUS Senator from Montana
BulletsUS Secretary of Agriculture 2001-05, Executive Director of UNICEF
MortonThe McLaughlin Group, Roll Call
Tangent ManWhite House Chief of Staff, 2001-06
PedroCongressman, Michigan 2nd
CobraNew York Times columnist
The Adding MachinePresident of the World Bank
BalloonfootUS Secretary of State, 2001-05
BivUS Ambassador to Sweden, 2004-06
SenatorUS Senator from Massachusetts, 1962-2009
MartitaNewsweek reporter
The BladeGovernor of Indiana
FrazierUS Senator from California
DulceCNN senior political correspondent
Big Stretch, Super Stretch Vice President of Fox News
NellieUS Senator from Nebraska
T-BoneUS Ambassador to Morocco
Factor, Big OFox News Pundit
Kenny BoyCEO of Enron, 1986-2002
FreddoCongressman, Michigan 6th
JohnnyGovernor of Connecticut, 1995-2004
AliUS Senator from California
YoshFormer White House Chief of Staff
Pootie-PootPresident of Russia, 2000-08
BarneyCo-founder of The Weekly Standard
Thunderbolt LindseyUS National Economic Council Director 2001-02, Mastermind of Bush's tax cut
Double TGovernor of Wisconsin, 1987-2001
CorndogUS Senator from Texas
CookieWhite House Chef, 1994-2005
El Grande JorgeCongressman, California 7th
La MargaritaUS Secretary of Education, 2005-09
CamaronesFox News chief political correspondent
SpeakSpeaker of the House, 1999-2006
LandslideUK Prime Minister, 1997-2007
High Prophet, The Enforcer, Hurricane KarenCounselor to George W. Bush, US Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy (2005-)
BrownieFEMA chief operating officer 2003-05
PoppyUS President, 1989-93
PanchoNew York Times food critic
The Big OUS Senator from Maine
MitchieUS Senator from Kentucky
BushieFirst Lady, 2001-09
FristyUS Senate Majority Leader, 2003-07
The CommissionerConservative pundit, baseball lover
Bandar BushSaudi Arabia Ambassador to U.S.
SabretoothCongressman, Massachusetts 4th
DinoPrime Minister of Canada, 1993-2003
GuruUS Secretary of State, 2005-09
PabloUS Senator from Minnesota, 1991-2002
FredoUS Attorney General, 2005-07
Dick'Time' White House correspondent
HutchUS Senator from Arkansas, 1997-2003
HadsWhite House National Security Advisor (2005-)
Congressman Kick-AssCongressman from New York, 1999-2007
VeepUS Vice President, 2001-09
Big JoeWhite House Deputy Chief of Staff, 2001-08
MayorCongressman of Ohio 10th
CelloochGovernor of Massachusetts, 1997-2001

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