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God of the Underworld and the DeadGreek
Goddess of Love, War, Magic, Beauty and WisdomNorse
Goddess of the Underworld, Witchcraft and Black MagicGreek
God of WineGreek
God of Merchants (messenger to the Gods)Roman
Goddess of the Dead and the AfterlifeNorse
Goddess of Agriculture and Good HarvestRoman
God of Sky and ThunderNorse
God of the Underworld and the DeadRoman
Goddess Mother of All, Protector of ChildrenNorse
Goddess of the MoonGreek
God of WarRoman
God of LoveRoman
King of the GodsRoman
Goddess of VictoryGreek
God of Storms, the Sea, Horses and EarthquakesGreek
Goddess of Hearth, Fire and Family LifeGreek
God of the Merchants (messenger to the Gods)Greek
Merman Sea GodGreek
Goddess of Wisdom, War and CraftsRoman
God of Fire, Trickster GodNorse
Goddess of War, Wisdom and ArtsGreek
God of SleepGreek
Goddess of Dawn and Mother of the West WindGreek
Goddess of LoveGreek
Goddess of Eternal YouthGreek
God of Fertility and SuccessNorse
King of the GodsGreek
God of Civilisation and the ArtsGreek
Goddess of Love, Protector of GardensRoman
God of War and LawNorse
Goddess of VengeanceGreek
God of All Men, Father of All GodsNorse
God of WarGreek
Goddess of Family, Marriage and HomeGreek
Goddess of Childbirth and HuntingGreek
Goddess of Earth, Agriculture and FertilityGreek
Goddess of Fertility and NatureGreek
Goddess of Hunt and Protector of ChildrenRoman
Goddess of Winter and HuntingNorse
God of DreamsGreek

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