Entourage Characters(No Guest Celebs)

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Vince's Publisher
The Crazy Agent's first assistant
Ari owns him at beach party
Gives the Star 50 million to do his wife
Was the Star's agent in season 3
Gets Ari's promotion
The crazy agents wife
Puts money up for Medellin
The Suit's first girlfriend
Loves Weed and Sneakers
The movie Star's Manager's Slamming girlfriend
Directed the Great Gatsby
Races Ari's Ferrari
Directed Aquaman
Crazy Agent
The Movie star
Medellin director
Wants to do the Ramones Movie
The crazy agents partner
Wants to buy Medellin for $1
The Suit's second client
Ari's old friend from the Valley
British company owner
The Star's new crush
The Suit
Sal's ex girlfriend
The Movie Star's first real crush
Head of Warner Bros
Viking Quest
Homosexual assistant

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