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Can you name the these Characters in Far Cry 3 from their quotes?

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Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?
Forget it. Let's do sambuca shots!
He cut the giant's head clean off its body.
You think almost being killed or sold into slavery is 'fun'?!
I'll roast you in the furnace until your skin crackles - like Chicken.
You have the right to take my life. But know, I will also take yours.
Rise and Shine. C'mon. I know the woods are lovely, dark and deep, mate.
To my fathers black card to my black card!
Flammenwerfer... Flamethrower - This Beauty was invented in Krautland!
He tried to escape and they shot him! I'm sorry
That is what they teach you in the army.
I like the red ones myself - the purples will give you a lift on a grey day
All I need is an ankle tattoo and this trip is complete.
Cause I know this island where you could do anything.

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