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Name an African country that...Countries an OPEC nation. of Angelina Jolie's children were born in. in the Horn of Africa.
...has exactly two colours on their flag. a member of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries. among the top three largest military spending African countries.
...had Gra├ža Machel as First Lady.
...have had an elected female Prime Minister or President.
...borders Lake Tanganyika.
...has Hinduism as the majority religion.
...was the home country of an Academy Award for 'Best Foreign Language Film'.
...was one of Queen Elizabeth II's first twenty Commonwealth visits after ascending to the throne.
...has an average life expectancy below 45 years old. among the 10 least guessed countries of Sporcle's 'Countries of the World' quiz?
...retained independence during the 'Scramble for Africa'.
...qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2010, besides South Africa?
...has a capital city beginning with 'P'. the Glorioso Islands.
...Phileas Fogg traveled through in 'Around the World in 80 Days'.

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