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Name an Asian country that...Countries
...has Christianity as the majority religion.
...has one of the ten lowest 'Highest Points' in the world.
...has one of the world's top 50 universities. one of the three that reside completely in the Caucasus region.
...contained one of the Seven Ancient World Wonders.
...currently has an elected female Head of Government.
...contains four consecutive consonants in its name.
...has a capital beginning with the letter P. part of the 'BRIC' economies.
Name an Asian country that...Countries an absolute monarchy. a democracy with a ruling Communist Party, whether solely Communist or through coalition. of Angelina Jolie's children were born in.
...has land on Borneo.
...has an animal on their flag.
...borders the Bay of Bengal.
...has an area less than 50,000 km2 away from the area of Texas.
...was birthplace of only one Time Person of the Year.
...does not have a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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