Name That Country (Americas)

Random Geography or South America Quiz

Can you name a North or South American country that fits each question?

Updated Dec 27, 2014

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Name a country that...Country
...experienced one of the top five highest magnitude earthquakes of all time.
...lies on the equator.
...has a female Head of Government currently.
...derives its name from religion. a home country of someone who has been to outer space.
...has won the FIFA World Cup.
...indigenous people make up at least one third of the population.
...has a territorial dispute with a European nation.
...recognizes Kosovo's independence.
...has no standing military.
...has an average life expectancy below 70 years old. one of the 5 closest countries to France via overseas territories.
...only has red, white and blue on their flag.
...was liberated by Simón Bolívar
...has a capital beginning with the letter C.
...has an area smaller than the state of Connecticut (5,544 sq. mi.).
...uses the Peso as their currency.
...has a capital city with the country's English name in it. in Hispaniola. South American and has NOT been under a military dictatorship in the past.

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