Name That Country (Americas)

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Can you name a North or South American country that fits each question?

Updated Dec 24, 2015

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Name a country that...Country in Hispaniola. South American and has NOT been under a military dictatorship in the past. one of the 5 closest countries to France via overseas territories.
...experienced one of the top five highest magnitude earthquakes of all time.
...recognizes Kosovo's independence.
...derives its name from religion.
...was liberated by Simón Bolívar a home country of someone who has been to outer space.
...has won the FIFA World Cup.
...has a capital beginning with the letter C.
...only has red, white and blue on their flag.
...has an average life expectancy below 70 years old.
...has an area smaller than the state of Connecticut (5,544 sq. mi.).
...lies on the equator.
...has no standing military.
...uses the Peso as their currency.
...has a territorial dispute with a European nation.
...indigenous people make up at least one third of the population.
...has a female Head of Government currently.
...has a capital city with the country's English name in it.

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