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Who is the main actor in the movie?
Who is the main actress in the movie?
Who does Allison work for?
Ben's roommate
Ben's roommate
Ben's roommate
Ben's roommate
What movie did Pete and Ben watch in the hotel?
According to this movie, how do you get pink eye?
Debbie and Pete's older daughter
Debbie and Pete's younger daughter
What is the website that Ben and roommates produce called?
What were Debbie and Allison's reasons for not getting into the club the second time?
What does Jay have a tattoo of?
What did Jonah say his crap looked like after Jay shaved into the toilet?
What did Pete refer to the sex offenders on the computer as?
Who asked Allison on the red carpet if she was dilated yet?
Who did Allison 'turn into an ****'?
Where did Ben say he walked through to get to the gynecologist's?
What does Ben call the gynecologist (implying how dead he is) because he is unavailable for Allison when she's in labor?
What did the doctor tell Ben and Allison to do if they want a 'special experience'?
What were the 2 things Allison's wardrobe girl wanted to do to hide the pregnancy?
What speed will Ben not go over on the way back from the hospital?

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