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What is the goth girl's name?
What is the name of the song the goth kids sang in the talent show in the Erection Day episode?
What's Stan's goth name?
What is the first episode with the goth kids?
What do the goth kids call everybody at their school?
What store do the goth kids burn down?
What pop stars do the goth kids keep calling their classmates wannabes of?
What does the goth girl's mom refer to her as in Raisins?
What are the goth kids refered to in Breast Cancer Show Ever?
What were the goth kids thought to be in The Ungroundable?
What habit do the goth kids have that the vampire kids won't do because it's bad for their health?
What is the goth kids' favorite drink?
What do you have to do to be a goth kid?
What concert does the goth girl want to go to but can't because her 'heroin addict aunt is coming over for dinner'?
What store do the goth kids shop at in The Ungroundable?

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