Starbucks Beverages (and other terms)

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Can you name the Starbucks beverages and terms by description?

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DescriptionDRINK OR TERM
The very smallest size Starbucks has
Caramel drizzled on the bottom and insides of a cup before the drink is poured into it
The term for the mermaid on the logo
A latte with sugar-free syrup and non-fat milk
The brand of tea Starbucks uses
Espresso poured on top of milk and foam
What starbucks calls the employees
Steamed milk, espresso and a bit of foam
DescriptionDRINK OR TERM
Cold beverages blended with ice and coffee base
Espresso poured on top of blended beverages
A white chocolate mocha with shots poured on top of the milk, whipped cream and chocolate drizzle on top
Half drip coffee and half steamed milk
One shot of espresso in a drip coffee
Two shots of espresso
Steamed milk, espresso and half a cup of foam

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