Starbucks Beverages (and other terms)

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Can you name the Starbucks beverages and terms by description?

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DescriptionDRINK OR TERM
Steamed milk, espresso and half a cup of foam
Steamed milk, espresso and a bit of foam
Espresso poured on top of milk and foam
One shot of espresso in a drip coffee
Half drip coffee and half steamed milk
What starbucks calls the employees
Two shots of espresso
A latte with sugar-free syrup and non-fat milk
DescriptionDRINK OR TERM
The very smallest size Starbucks has
The brand of tea Starbucks uses
Caramel drizzled on the bottom and insides of a cup before the drink is poured into it
Cold beverages blended with ice and coffee base
Espresso poured on top of blended beverages
The term for the mermaid on the logo
A white chocolate mocha with shots poured on top of the milk, whipped cream and chocolate drizzle on top

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