The Road to Independence

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Act that taxed legal documents and newspapers
Acts passed to punish Massachusetts
Main writer of the Declaration of Independence
Group that organized protests against British
Documents that allowed British to search colonists' homes and businesses
Acts that suspended New York's assembly and added import taxes
Location of Washington's surprise attack on Hessian troops
Required colonists to house and supply British soldiers
Colonial soldiers who were supposed to be ready to fight quickly.
Closed western lands to settlement
Led colonists to question religious and political authority.
Acts that closed Boston Harbor, etc
Battle that led to British surrender
Location where the first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired.
Country that provided supplies, soldiers, and naval support
Location of the First Continental Congresses
First commander of the Continental Army
Author of The Crisis and Common Sense
Organized refusal to buy a product
Battle that convinced the French to support the colonists

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