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Trvial FactHostFYI
Hosted the very first SNL
Nearly got into a fist fight with Bill Murray minutes before airtime
Hosted the first new SNL after the 9/11 attacks
Hosted the episode in which Sinead O'Connor tore up a photo of the Pope
Appeared in a 'Dallas' spoof in which Charles Rocket famously used the 'f word'
Hosted SNL 2 days before winning an Academy Award in 1991
Hosted the first SNL to air with a 5-second delay
Prompted a cast member and the scheduled musical guest to drop out of that week's show in protest
Trvial FactHostFYI
Married a cast member from the 1984-1985 season
Married NBC executive Dick Ebersol
Choked back tears as he introduced a clip with Gilda Radner, who had died that day
Was a last-minute substitute for Joe Pesci in 1992
Hosted the show in which Ashlee Simpson had her famous 'lip sync' gaffe
Hosted the only SNL in which Jack Nicholson appeared
Tried in vain to enter the 'Five Timers Club' in 1990
Was injured on-air by John Belushi's sword during a 'Samurai' sketch

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