Can You Name All The Members of The Cure

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Can you name the All The Members of The Cure?

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Singer (1976-present)
Bassist (1976-1979)Only member to ever sing lead vocals besides the singer
Guitarist (1976-1979, 1983-1994, 2005-present)Also played Sax with the band on occasion
Drummer (1976-1982), Keyboardist (1982-1989)Was fired because of his alcohol problems
Bassist (1979-1982, 1985-present)Left band after a fight with singer; left during the 1992 Wish tour because he had to be hospitalized with a lung inflamation.
Drummer (1983-1984)Only African member of the band
Keyboardist (1979-1980)First keyboardist to be the only one who was only a keyboardist
Bassist (1982-1985)Left to become a producer
Drummer (1984-1993)
Keyboardist (1987-1990, 1990-2005)
Keyboardist (1990-1993) Guitarist (1995-2005)
Drummer (1995-present)

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