1940's film anagrams

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Spat Tou of The
Awnom Eth Aery of
Hpedalipiahl The Troys
Boowx Hte Tinedicn
The Drith Nam
A Wendlurof Si't Efil
Ledbou Tinydenim
Svihete Elccybi
How Mace Rinned The Nam To
Entizic Knea
The Deenkwe Lots
Hiwet Eath
Tager Atrocidt Hte
Hte Ednapira Seac
The Dream Of Risear The Eastures
Lod Cale Cransei Nad
A Wadhos of Tubdo
Alonitan Levtev
Viles Steb Rayes The Uro of
Tsitw Ilvero
Ladyhoi Nin
Worgs a Reet In Lokobnry
Eht Tasel Gbi
Lanfco Seetmal The
Rootwale Gerbid
Rofce Urteb
A Tartem Elfi of adn Tahde
Ohntr In Naitoc The Titancal

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