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Incomplete SentenceComplete SentenceGenre
26 L in the ALanguage
7 D of the WTime
7 W of the WHistory
12 S of the ZMisc
66 B of the BReligion
52 C in a D (W J)Games
13 S in the U S FGeography
18 H on a G CSports
39 B of the O TReligion
5 T on a FHuman Body
90 D in a R AMaths
3 B M (S H T R)Nursery Rhymes
11 P in a F TSports
3 W on a TMisc
100 C in a DMisc
Incomplete SentenceComplete SentenceGenre
12 M in a YTime
13 is U F SMisc
8 T on an OAnimals
29 D in F in a L YTime
27 B in the N TReligion
365 D in a YTime
13 L in a B DMisc
52 W in a YTime
9 L of a CAnimals
60 M in an HTime
23 P of C in the H BHuman Body
64 S on a C BGames
4 C in the U KGeography
6 B to an O in CSports
1000 Y in a MTime

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