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Participants WarYear
Roman Republic vs. Carthage 264 BC - 146 BC
Normandy vs England 1066 AD
Holy Roman Empire, England, France... vs. Great Seljuq Empire... 1096 AD - 1099 AD
Scotland vs. England 1296 AD - 1328 AD
France... vs. England...1337 AD - 1453 AD
House of Lancaster vs. House of York1455 AD - 1485 AD
England, France vs. Spain, Holy Roman Empire1568 AD - 1648 AD
Holy Roman Empire, Great Britain, Portugal, Spain vs. France, Spain, Bavaria1701 AD - 1714 AD
France, Prussia, Spain... vs. Great Britain, Habsburg, Russia...1740 AD - 1748 AD
Great Britain, Iroquois... vs. France, Abenaki... 1754 AD - 1763 AD
US, France, Spain... vs. Great Britain 1775 AD - 1783 AD
France, Spain... vs. Holy Roman Empire, Great Britain, Prussia...1792 AD - 1802 AD
UK, Russia, Prussia... vs. France...1803 AD - 1815 AD
Mexico vs. Spain1810 AD - 1821 AD
UK vs. US1812 AD - 1815 AD
Participants WarYear
Greece, UK vs. Ottoman Empire 1821 AD - 1832 AD
British Empire vs. Qing Empire of China1839 AD - 1842 AD
US vs. Apacheria, Apache1849 AD - 1924 AD
British Empire, France, Ottoman Empire vs. Russia1853 AD - 1856 AD
United States vs. Confederate States 1861 AD - 1865 AD
Great Britain vs. South African Republic 1880 AD - 1881 AD, 1899 AD - 1902 AD
Great Britain, France, Russia, US... vs. Germany, Austro-Hungary 1914 AD - 1918 AD
Irish Republic vs. Great Britain1919 AD - 1921 AD
Great Britain, US, France, Russia... vs. Germany, Japan... 1939 AD - 1945 AD
South Korea, US, UK vs. North Korea, China, Soviet Union1950 AD - present
South Vietnam, US... vs. North Vietnam...1955 AD - 1975 AD
Israel vs. Egypt, Syria, Jordan 1967 AD
UK, US, France... vs Iraq1990 AD - 1991 AD
UK, US ... vs Iraq2003 AD - 2011 AD

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