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Home of a Balrog
Boromir is killed by
Gandalf returns as
Legolas is
This book is a
Telperion and Laurelin are
Weapon passed down from Bilbo
High Gods
Sam's Wife
They save Gandalf, Frodo, Sam
Kills a Wraith, Dernhelm
Strider is a Ranger from the
Rohan Stronghold
Home of the Hobbits
New King of Rohan
of Power
Dragon from the Hobbit
Gimli, son of
Ringwraiths on a Plane
Mordor is Sauron's
Dead, Midgewater
Ent-Like Trees
Tolkien was influenced by this Mythology
Elrond's brother
Narsil and Anduril, Weapon
Gimli was a
Ring Bearer

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