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1549SF, OAK, SEA (1985-2004)
1143KC, ATL (1997-Present)
1102IND (1996-2008)
1101PHI, MIN, MIA (1987-2002)
1094OAK, TB (1988-2004)
1078SF, PHI, DAL, BUF, CIN (1996-Present)
1024STL, SF (1994-2009)
991PIT (1998-Present)
954MIN, OAK, NWE, TEN (1998-2010)
951BUF, WAS (1985-2000)
943TEN, BAL, NYJ, HOU (1997-Present)
940WAS, NYJ, PHI (1980-1995)
920STL, JAX (1999-2009)
883CLE, JAX, TB, SD, WAS (1992-2007)
862DAL, JAX (1992-2005)
860CAR, CHI (1996-2009)
851NWE, MIA, PHI, WAS (1984-2000)
849DEN (1995-2006)
843IND (2001-Present)
827ARZ, WAS, BUF, NWE (1990-2003)
819SEA (1976-1989)
815DEN, BAL (1990-2003)
814RAM, WAS, NWE (1983-1998)
814NYJ, TB, DAL, CAR (1996-2006)
767IND, STL (1994-2005)
764GB, RAI, BUF, RAM, PHI (1978-1993)
764BUF, HOU, TEN (1996-2007)
764CIN, NWE (2001-Present)
750HOU, CIN, SD (1969-1986)
750DAL (1988-1999)
743IND, ATL, CLE, GB, JAX, KC, OAK (1989-2000)
729GB (1999-Present)
705ARZ, BAL (2003-Present)
704HOU (2003-Present)
701SEA, DAL, TB, NWE, WAS (1995-2010)
699WAS, ARZ, MIA (1985-1995)
689NYJ, ATL, PIT (1990-2002)
687CAR (2001-Present)
685DAL (2003-Present)
675ARZ (2004-Present)
674NYJ, WAS, CIN (2000-2009)
670DET, NYG (1991-2002)
669ARZ, SEA, CHI, STL, CAR, IND (1990-2006)
668NYG (1996-2008)
662CLE (1978-1990)
650CHI, SEA, KC (1996-2009)
649WAS (1964-1977)
634RAM, HOU, ATL (1979-1993)
633NYG, NYJ, CRD (1958-2003)
631COL (1955-1967)
630NYJ, WAS (2001-2011)
628SD, MIA, NWE (2004-Present)
628NYJ, ARZ (1990-1999)
624DET, KC, SF (1994-2005)
619CIN, SEA, BAL, OAK (2001-Present)
610PHI, MIA, NWE, NYJ (1986-1998)
610SD, NYJ (2001-Present)
603KC, NO, ATL (1996-2007)
595GB (1988-1994)
595SD, DEN, DAL (1988-1997)
594CHI, SDG, NYJ, SF (1993-2004)
593NWE, GB, DAL (1996-2007)
593MIA, SD, ATL (1990-2001)
590PHI, DAL (1971-1984)
589OAK (1965-1978)
587RAI, KC (1982-1997)
586NYG (1997-2006)
584SD (2003-Present)
583IND, BUF, WAS (1986-1996)
882MIA, GB (1983-1993)
582BUF, SD, CHI, TEN (1986-1997)
581SEA (1988-1998)
580NYJ (1995-2005)
579RAM, PHI, NWE, MIN, SEA (1968-1983)
571HOU, JAX (1986-1995)
569TB, CLE, CAR (1987-1998)
567CHI, DEN, HOU (1959-1968)
566SF, RAI, MIN (1983-1993)
565NYG, SFO, DEN (1991-2003)
563CLE, HOU, KC, NYJ, SD (1986-1998)
559NO, SD, SF (1978-1988)
559CRD, PHI (1979-1992)
557NWE (1993-2007)
557NWE, IND (1977-1990)
553NO, KC (1985-1994)
548STL, NO, CHI, DEN, KC (1996-2008)
546NYG, TB (1997-2008)
546SEA, PIT (1986-1995)
543PIT, NYG, NYJ (2000-Present)
542SD, DAL (1962-1972)
542PIT, CHI, NYJ, SD (1991-2001)
542NYG, NO, CAR (2002-Present)
541CLE, ATL, SD, ARI, CAR, WAS, GB (1989-2002)
541SD (1979-1987)
540MIA, SD, KC (2001-2010)
540CIN, TEN (1992-2000)
539CHI, MIA, ATL (1999-2009)
537PIT (1974-1987)
535HOU, NO (1987-1996)

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