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Total Gross (In Millions)DirectorHighest-Grossing Film
$1944.3Forrest Gump
$1848.2Transformers 2
$1806.8The Grinch
$1700.5Star Wars
$1,671.5Harry Potter / Sorcerer's Stone
$1671.5Alice In Wonderland
$1431.8POTC: Dead Man's Chest
$1318.2LOTR: Return Of The King
$1292.6Gran Torino
$1271.0Harry Potter / Deathly Hallows (P2)
$1256.4Toy Story 3
$1177.3The Dark Knight
$1142.2Shrek 2
$1139.0Lethal Weapon 2
$1115.8Independence Day
$1089.6Top Gun
$1056.3X-Men: The Last Stand
$1036.0Toy Story 2
$1000.7Meet The Fockers
$970.6Pretty Woman
Total Gross (In Millions)DirectorHighest-Grossing Film
$969.5The Sixth Sense
$963.0Batman Forever
$960.0Big Daddy
$939.1Iron Man
$936.2Night At The Museum
$892.7Bruce Almighty
$882.9The Hangover
$879.6Men In Black
$875.0The Departed
$874.5Ocean's 11
$874.5National Treasure: Book of Secrets
$840.1Ice Age 3
$811.2Jurassic Park 3
$809.6Rain Man
$775.1The Perfect Storm
$774.4The Longest Yard
$755.7The Lion King
$732.0Scooby Doo
$722.4The Birdcage
$706.3The Mummy Returns
$684.6Spy Kids
$679.8Casino Royale

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