20th Century Assassinations

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Can you name the 20th Century Assassinations By Date?

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11/22/63Lee Harvey Oswald (Allegedly)
6/28/14Gavrilo Princip
9/6/01Leon Frank Czolgosz
12/1/34Leonid Nikolaev
6/6/68Sirhan Sirhan
5/15/32Members of the Japanese Military
10/6/81Khalid Islambouli, et al.
8/20/40Ramon Mercader
7/25/34A Group of Austrian Nazis
10/31/84Satwant Singh & Beant Singh
2/21/65Talmadge Hayer, Norman 3X Butler & Thomas 15X Johnson
11/4/95Yigal Amir
11/27/78Dan White
8/22/22Liam Deasy, et al.
9/10/35Carl Weiss
5/21/20Forces of General Rudolfo Herrero
10/26/79Kim Jae-kyu
4/4/68James Earl Ray

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