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LyricsBandSong Title
It’s Saturday night and you’ve got no money / So you have to walk the streets
I know you're antiseptic / Your deodorant smells nice / I'd like to get to know you / You're deep-frozen like the ice
Stumbling through the rubble / My head's in a spin / I hear them fighting / The war that no one can win
Look out the window and there's nothing to see / But a riot-torn city and the death of your country
You said you love me and that's a fact / Then you left me, said you felt trapped
Am I going insane? Think again / I just got so fed up with being unstable / NO MORE!
Well you'll work harder / With a gun in your back / For a bowl of rice a day
Your closet is a mess, and your backyard's falling down / And I have no grand ideas or intentions of sticking around
What was once rebellion is now clearly just a social sect / But are you just upset 'cause your own social clique has left
Just put me in a wheelchair, get me to the show / Hurry hurry hurry, before I go loco
I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies / This is the dawning of the rest of our lives
LyricsBandSong Title
Times may be changing but I'll never leave behind the hopes / And thoughts I have of better days for families such as mine.
I am beyond the cutting range / Of your dull mind / And jagged tongue / And this you cannot stand
Try to get a job, try to get straight / I get a door in my face every step I take
The government is safe, they're underground / Don't care about the bodies lying around
The hockey was hard an' it was rough / It was ours for all time
We are the leaders of tomorrow / We are the ones to have the fun
They're on the streets / Breakin' the rules / From broken homes / We're nobody's fools
Working single mother in an urban struggle / Blames herself now 'cause I grew up troubled
Eat your heart out on a plastic tray / You don't do what you want / Then you'll fade away
Through these eyes, I've looked the devil in the face / And I've seen God's holy grace
Living and dying and the stories that are true / Secret to a good life's knowing when you're through

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