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Can you name the words missing from the titles of Robert B. Parker's 'Spenser' novels?

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TitleMissing Word
___ and Then
_______ Ladies
Looking for ______ Wallace
School ____
The ____________
Paper ____
Early ______
The _____ Goat
________ Land
Sudden ________
Bad ________
God Save the _____
______ Deuce
______ Stakes
A ________ Eagle
Thin ___
TitleMissing Word
Chasing the ____: A Young Spenser Novel
Crimson ___
____ Money
Widow's ____
Hugger ______
Hundred-Dollar ____
_______ Shadow
A ______ Place
Pale Kings and _______
The Widening ____
Rough _______
The Godwulf __________
_____ Vices
____ Story
______ a Sea Horse
____ Service

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