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He runs a scam with a group of sentient rats.Terry Pratchett
He's a bit too bouncy for some.A.A. Milne
He's off to see a wizard.Frank Baum
He grins and vanishes.Lewis Carroll
In Latin, he's a 'cattus petasatus'.Theodor Geisel
He has four white paws.Beverly Cleary
An 8th-century Irish monk's cat.Unknown
The villainous leader of the Blue Hordes.Brian Jacques
His name means 'The Tiger King'.Rudyard Kipling
A church cat and friend to mice.Graham Oakley
Companion of Eatbugs and Pouncequick.Tad Williams
The brother of Mittens and Moppet.Beatrix Potter
A long-serving Iowan library cat.Vicki Myron
He is accidentally walled up with a corpse.Edgar Allen Poe
A Scottish witch's cat.William Shakespeare
He buys a farm, becomes a doctor, and goes to the moonKathleen Hale
He's 'the nearest kin of the moon'.W.B. Yeats
A biblically-named cat.T.S. Eliot
He tricks an ogre into turning into a mouse.Charles Perreault
A Scottish cat who has a near-death experience.Paul Gallico
A group of very vengeful cats.H.P. Lovecraft
He's half-cat, half-kneazle!J.K. Rowling
A black panther.Rudyard Kipling
He 'does be yawning and smirking cat's hours'.James Joyce
A passenger on the Ark.Timothy Findley
Her kittens have wings.Ursula LeGuin
Crime-solving companions of a reporter (name one).Lilian Jackson Braun
Friend to a cockroach named Archy.Don Marquis
A tiger in a boat.Yann Martel
She sailed 'in a beautiful pea green boat'.Edward Lear
A lexicographer's cat; he has a statue in Gough Square, LondonPercival Stockdale et al.
In the movie, John Wayne played his master.Charles Portis
A Lancrean witch's cat.Terry Pratchett
'Her ears of jet, and emerald eyes/She saw: and purred applause.Thomas Gray

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