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The brother of Mittens and Moppet.Beatrix Potter
A long-serving Iowan library cat.Vicki Myron
Friend to a cockroach named Archy.Don Marquis
A passenger on the Ark.Timothy Findley
She sailed 'in a beautiful pea green boat'.Edward Lear
A lexicographer's cat; he has a statue in Gough Square, LondonPercival Stockdale et al.
He tricks an ogre into turning into a mouse.Charles Perreault
An 8th-century Irish monk's cat.Unknown
A church cat and friend to mice.Graham Oakley
A Lancrean witch's cat.Terry Pratchett
A biblically-named cat.T.S. Eliot
In the movie, John Wayne played his master.Charles Portis
He has four white paws.Beverly Cleary
A black panther.Rudyard Kipling
He is accidentally walled up with a corpse.Edgar Allen Poe
A Scottish cat who has a near-death experience.Paul Gallico
He's a bit too bouncy for some.A.A. Milne
The villainous leader of the Blue Hordes.Brian Jacques
A Scottish witch's cat.William Shakespeare
'Her ears of jet, and emerald eyes/She saw: and purred applause.Thomas Gray
Crime-solving companions of a reporter (name one).Lilian Jackson Braun
A group of very vengeful cats.H.P. Lovecraft
He runs a scam with a group of sentient rats.Terry Pratchett
Companion of Eatbugs and Pouncequick.Tad Williams
He 'does be yawning and smirking cat's hours'.James Joyce
He's 'the nearest kin of the moon'.W.B. Yeats
In Latin, he's a 'cattus petasatus'.Theodor Geisel
His name means 'The Tiger King'.Rudyard Kipling
Her kittens have wings.Ursula LeGuin
He grins and vanishes.Lewis Carroll
He's off to see a wizard.Frank Baum
A tiger in a boat.Yann Martel
He buys a farm, becomes a doctor, and goes to the moonKathleen Hale
He's half-cat, half-kneazle!J.K. Rowling

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