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Can you name the ancient Romans who penned the following quotations?

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And let him be learned, skilled with pencils, educated in geometry...
Now Trimalchio, drenched in perfume, was being dried off... with mantles made of the softest wool
Do you not see that even drops of water, falling on a rock over a long interval, bore through it?
...the master's eyes and footsteps are the healthiest things for the farm.
The story holds that... a thirsty she-wolf from the surrounding mountains turned her steps towards the infants' crying.
He got the nickname 'Caligula' from a camp joke, for he was brought up among the troops in the dress of a common soldier.
Let us live, my Lesbia, and let us love...
'They are slaves.' No, they are men. 'They are slaves.' No, companions. 'They are slaves.' No, humble friends.
All of Gaul has been divided into three parts, of which the Belgae inhabit one...
You ought, Catiline, to have been executed long ago by command of the consul...
'Storax! Aeschinus has not returned from dinner tonight, nor any of the young slaves...'
...always the most pleasing are gifts which the giver makes precious.
I do not like you, Sabidius, nor can I say why. This only I can say: I like you not.
'To robbery, butchery, and plundering they give the false name 'Empire,' and where they make a desert they name it 'Peace.''
Already ash was falling upon the ships, hotter and thicker the closer they approached.
'That soldier is my master... bragging, shameless, foul-smelling...'
I have built a monument more lasting than bronze...
'And you, O Tyrians, keep up my hatred for his stock and all his race to come, and place it as a gift to my ashes.'
And then... inspecting all parts of my body, I see that I am not a bird, but a donkey.
Cynthia first captured melancholy me with her dear eyes...

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