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Can you name the NHL awards based on the people after whom they're named?

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Award Named After...TrophyAwarded To/For
The Red Wings' coach from 1927 to 1947
The first ever starting goalie for the Buffalo Sabres
A wheat-based beverage (to paraphrase Dustin Penner)
A group that included Red Dutton, John Ziegler, and Gil Stein
The man who suspended Billy Taylor and Don Gallinger for life.
The owner of the Renfrew Creamery Kings and co-founder of the Canadiens
The patriarch of a dynasty of Red Wings owners
The Governor General of Canada from 1888 to 1893
The owner who rebuilt the Rangers during the '60s and '70s
A direct descendant of one of the first Jewish settlers in North America
The player whose suspension sparked a riot on March 17th, 1955
The winner of the 1957 Nobel Peace Prize
Award Named After...TrophyAwarded To/For
The Bruins' coach for 16 seasons between 1924 and 1945
The only NHL player to have died as a direct result of an on-ice injury
'The Chicoutimi Cucumber'
The Rangers' coach who played a game in net at age 43
The Viceregal Consort General of Canada from 1921 to 1926
The man who became King Edward VIII
The man who acquired Jean Beliveau and Henri Richard for the Canadiens
The only man to have played all six positions during the same game
A member, with Sid Abel and Gordie Howe, of the 'Production Line.'
The man who presided over the NHL's first expansion into the United States
The only man to captain two different teams to the Stanley Cup
The man who allegedly said 'if you can't beat 'em in the alley, you can't beat 'em on the ice'

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