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Further notes: Each language is represented, both in the first column and in the answers, by four words: two nouns, a verb, and an adjective. All the verbs are in the present active infinitive, and all nouns and adjectives are singular. Please do let me know if you spot any errors, or if I have left out acceptable alternative answers.
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WordTranslationRequested Language
Bicycle (n.)French
Giallo (adj.)German
Heure (n.)Italian
Nadar (v.)German
Sorridere (v.)French
Gl├╝cklich (adj.)French
Insel (n.)Spanish
Green (adj.)Spanish
Mond (n.)Italian
Lachen (v.)English
WordTranslationRequested Language
Manger (v.)Spanish
Neige (n.)German
Facile (adj.)English
To Sleep (v.)Italian
Joven (adj.)Italian
Vino (n.)English
Fiume (n.)Spanish
Manzana (n.)English
Cat (n.)German
Rey (n.)French

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