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Do you really want to love me forever oh oh oh or is this just another ____ __ ____ (Paula Abudul)
he is a ____, he's no good at all (Britney Spears)
still love the way he rock them ____ diamonds in his chain (Beyonce)
you know i like my girls a little ___ ____ (The Outfield)
You're my ____, rock and roll, feel the glamour and pain (Aqua)
but no matter how many fish in the sea it'd be so empty ____ ___ (Eminem)
Baby we ain't got no place to go i hope you ____ (Josh Turner)
i know it might be wrong but im in love with ____ mom (Fountains of Wayne)
young, rich, and ____ i be where the cash be (Kreayshawn)
doesn't mean im over cause ____ ____ (Kelly Clarkson)
i never liked the taste of ____ but baby i ate it (The Band Perry)
____ and girls with ambition, thats what i want to see (Pink)
the ____ ____, they live inside my head (Cheap Trick)
if you show me real ____ baby, ill show you mine (Paris Hilton)
Ms. ____ you must be worth a trillion bucks (The Penfifteen Club)

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