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When Chunk and Sloth reach the pirate ship, they yell it's Chunk. Chunk says, no it's what?
When Mr Perkins stops by, Brand tells him their mom is at the market buying what?
What is the brand of ice cream in the cooler in the Fratelli's hide out?
In 3rd grade, what did Chunk cheat on?
When the kids stop to go to the little boy's room, where does Brand go?
Andy says I can't tell if that's an A sharp or a B flat, Mikey says, if you play it wrong, we'll all?
Who's baseball card did Mikey pull out of Chester Copperpot's book?
What town do they live in?
Michael Jackson didn't come to Chunk's house to use the bathroom. Who did?
The name of the wishing well?
Who is the first to find One Eyed Willy?
Brand 'screwed it all up' by flunking what?
What is Mikey's first line?
When in the passageway, Brand asks if anyone has a light. What does DATA pull out?
Chunk's real name?
Where does the maid find the jewels at the end of the movie?
Brand: 'I'll hit you so hard, when you wake up....'?
Who claimed to have the key to One Eyed Willy?
The name of One Eyed Willey's ship?
Mouth's real name?
When Chunk see's the Fratelli's ORV, he says it has bullet holes the size of what?
The name of Chunks dance he does to get them to let him in.
When Sloth first hugs Chunk, what does Chunk say he smells like?
Mr Walsh's occupation?
When Mouth asks Stef if she wants to see something really scary, what does he show her?
Who is the first to walk the plank?
At that time, what city had the highest murder rate in the country?
DATA falls and gets saved from landing on spikes by what?
The name of the Spanish maid?
Stef tells Mouth he's kind of nice when his what doesn't screw it up?

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