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I'm gonna get that little ____/_/_/____ (4 words)
Hey I'm talkin to you McFly you Irish ___.
You gutless yellow pie ______.
I'll hunt you and shoot you down like a ____.
Alright pop, what's the ___?
I bet you ain't nothin but a gutless yellow ___.
Well _____ what we have here.
Especially wearing that ___ ugly hat.
I suppose it's _____ justice. Two McFlys with same gun.
What's wrong dude, you _____?
That's about as funny as a _____/_____ on a battleship.(2 words)
Why don't you make like a tree and ___/__/__/___. (4 words)
...especially not some duded-up, ____-____ gutter trash.
_____ your shoe's untied.
Don't be so _____ McFly!
Since when did you become the _______ type?
What are you looking at _____?
_____ with a capital 'L'
Say hi to ____/___ for me. (2 words)
I'm gonna take it outta your ___.

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