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Can you name the actors (and director) who have appeared in (or directed) both Frasier and Seinfeld?

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Frasier RoleActorSeinfeld Role
Frederica (Martin's temporary physical therapist in 'Forgotten But Not Gone')Jodi (Jerry's masseuse girlfriend in 'The Masseuse')
Beth Armstrong (Niles's kitchen designing girlfriend in 'Four for the Seesaw')Betsy (George's half-deaf girlfriend in 'The Implant')
Marie (Frasier's girlfriend and Duke's daughter in 'First Do No Harm')Sidra Holland (Jerry's well-endowed girlfriend in 'The Implant')
Harbin (Mechanic whom Frasier and Charlotte stay with in 'Detour')Mr. Lager (Bank manager who gives Kramer $20 in 'The Invitations')
Caitlin (Frasier's fun-loving girlfriend in 'Frasier Gotta Have It')Karen (George's risotto-enjoying girlfriend in 'The Mango')
William (Martin's girlfriend's son who tries to stop his mother donating money to Frasier in 'It Takes Two to Tangle')Kurt (Elaine's newly-balding boyfriend in 'The Little Jerry')
Ronee Lawrence (Former babysitter of Frasier and Niles who marries Martin)Wendy (Elaine's physical therapist friend in 'The Kiss Hello')
Daphne MoonMarla Penny aka 'The Virgin'
Jane (Frasier's giggling patient in 'Maris Returns')Emily (Kramer's girlfriend with the 'jimmy legs' in 'The Money')
Director of a TV show for which Frasier auditions ('Good Grief')Ricky (Susan Ross's brother in 'The Cheever Letters')
Trish Haney (Frasier's unreliable housekeeper in 'Bristle While You Work')Customer who is refused soup by 'The Soup Nazi'
Kenny Daly's wife ('Hungry Heart')Loretta (George's highly-tanned mistress in 'The Strongbox')
Frank (Super of the Shangri-La in 'How to Bury a Millionaire')Franklin Delano Romanowski (Kramer's vengeful friend in 'The Betrayal')
Guy (French skiing instructor in 'The Ski Lodge')Brett (Elaine's 'Desperado'-loving boyfriend in 'The Checks')
Norm Peterson (Frasier's barfly friend from 'Cheers' in 'Cheerful Goodbyes')Himself ('The Trip')
Policeman who forces Niles to reveal his 'quasi-erotic' portrait ('The Ann Who Came to Dinner')Barry aka 'The Sniffing Accountant'
Vera (Bebe Glazer's mother and secretary in 'Roz's Turn')Betsy (Warden of the prison George is sent to check out in 'The Little Jerry')
Denise (Roz's sister in 'The Guilt Trippers')Marcy (George's succinct girlfriend in 'The Yada Yada')
Frasier RoleActorSeinfeld Role
Peggy (Frasier's temp at his new private practice in 'Maris Returns')Patrice (George's papier-mâché hat-making girlfriend in 'The Truth')
Thomas Jay Fallow (Author of 'Slow Tango in South Seattle')J. Peterman
Joe Martin (KACL station owner in 'Sweet Dreams')Marcelino (Cock-fighting shop owner in 'The Little Jerry')
Georges (Restauranter who arranges Frasier's table in 'And Frasier Makes Three')Restauranter who pays Jerry for the B.O. smell in his car ('The Smelly Car')
Cindy (Niles and Daphne's pregnant friend who has a natural birth in 'Match Game')Holly (Elaine's mutton-cooking cousin in 'The Wink')
Madeline (Frasier's ex-girlfriend who comes to see him during a date in 'Secret Admirer')Sophie (Jerry's girlfriend with the 'tractor story' in 'The Burning')
Donald (Nanny G's husband and producer in 'Caught in the Act')Duncan (Jerry's old classmate in 'The Race')
Maureen Nervosa (Owner of Cafe Nervosa in 'Farewell Nervosa')Kim (Frank Costanza's Korean ex-girlfriend in 'The Understudy')
Nancy (Lilith's colleague who sets her up with Frasier in 'Guns 'N Neuroses')Leslie (George's pregnant ex-girlfriend in 'The Baby Shower') & Saleswoman who informs George of the unadvertised sale ('The Pie')
Amanda (Customer at the newstand Frasier is looking after in 'The Focus Group')Margaret (Jerry's girlfriend and Newman's ex-girlfriend in 'The Big Salad')
Matt (Director of Frasier's morning TV show in 'Morning Becomes Entertainment')Ramon aka 'The Pool Guy'
Sharon (Bulldog's professional golfer girlfriend in 'Love Bites Dog')Tia Van Camp (Jerry's supermodel girlfriend in 'The Airport')
Ian (Enquires about the lead role in Frasier's radio play in 'Ham Radio')Mr. Green (Mr. Pitt's neighbor whom Jerry reluctantly allows into the building in 'The Doorman')
Noel ShempskyPayroll clerk at the Yankees ('The Bottle Deposit')
Teddy (KACL engineer discussing who's going to be fired in 'Oops')Walter (Elaine's co-worker at J.Peterman who regularly shows up in her office)
Bank teller who thinks Martin is trying to rob the bank ('Roe to Perdition)Evie (Cleaning woman whom George sleeps with in 'The Red Dot')
Ben (Roz's womanizing boyfriend in 'Frasier Loves Roz')Selfish phone user ('The Chinese Restaurant') & Hand model photographer ('The Puffy Shirt')
Director (Seasons 1-2)Director (Seasons 6-9)

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