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HintPeople or Creatures
Person/First lived under the stairs.
Person/Very intelligent
Person/Knows how to play chess well
Person/Don't speak his name
Creature/Fiery bird
Person/Scared of the moon
Person/Was bullied by James Potter
Person/Often transforms into a tabby cat
Person/Head of Hogwarts
Person/Harry's cousin
Person/Harry's uncle
Person/Harry's aunt
Creature/Spider & Hagrid's pet
Person/Fancies Harry
Person/A prefect in book 1
Person/Bullies Harry at school.
Person/Killed her own cousin in front of Harry
Person/Hates Harry for most of book 5, but is usually his friend.
Person/Doesn't believe Voldemort is alive
Person/Goes to the ball with Cedric Diggory
Person/Kisses Harry on the cheek in book 4.
HintPeople or Creatures
Person/Agrees with a horrible woman in book 5
Creature/house elf
Person/Goes in search for the giants to help defeat Voldemort
Person/Lives with his Grandma
Person/Believes in Nargles
Person/A father and death-eater
Person/Foreign twin
Person/Foreign twin
Person/Framed Sirius for killing Harry's parents.
Person/Dumbledore and Harry recruit him in book 6.
Person/Prefers to be called Tonks.
Person/Gets kicked out of teaching at Hogwarts in book 5.
Person/Makes lots of rules at Hogwarts in book 5.
Person/Harry sees him injured in a dream in book 5.
Creature/Injures Draco in book 3.
Creature/Hagrid's Pet
Creature/Guards the philosopher's stone
Creature/A pet dragon.
Creature/Hagrid's half-brother
Creature/A white owl
Creature/Sirius' unpleasant servant
Person/See through

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