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Can you name the characters in the Marvel Heroclix set Xplosion?

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NumberFigureVeteran Keywords
4-6Martial Artist, The Hand, Warrior
7-9Martial Artist, Spy, The Hand
10-12Police, Soldier
13-15Police, Spy
19-21Psychic, Warrior
22-24Brotherhood of Mutants, Freedom Force, Psychic
25-27X-Force, Weapon X, Nextwave
28-30Brotherhood of Mutants, Freedom Force, Spy, X-Corps
31-33Hellfire Club, HYDRA, Madripoor, Martial Artist
34-36Excalibur, S.H.I.E.L.D., X-Men
37-39Twelve, X-Factor, X-Men
40-42Avengers, Maggia, Robot
49-51Brute, Monster
52-54Armor, Scientist, Spy, Titanic Three
55-57Scientist, X-Men
58-60Martial Artist, Psychic, The Hand, X-Men
NumberFigureVeteran Keywords
61-63Detective, Martial Artist, Marvel Knights
64-66Agency X, Martial Artist, Thunderbolts
67-69Armor, HYDRA, Martial Artist, Warrior
70-72Horsemen of the Apocalypse, X-Men
73-75Martial Artist, Scientist
76-78Armor, West Coast Avengers, Force Works, Scientist
79-81Armor, X-Men
82-84Hellfire Club, X-Men, X.S.E.
85Animal, Teen, X-Men
86Martial Artist, Marvel Knights, Warrior
87Shi'ar, Warrior
88Mutant, Past, Warrior
89Brute, Monster, Scientist
90Psychic, Scientist
91Animal, Psychic
92Reavers, Robot, Warrior
93Marvel Knights, Scientist
94Brute, Monster
95Cosmic, Psychic, X-Men
96Alpha Flight, Brute, Weapon X, X-Men

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