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Can you name the Characters in the Marvel heroclix set Clobberin Time?

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NumberFigureVeteran Keywords
4-6S.H.I.E.L.D., Spy
7-9Armor, S.H.I.E.L.D.
10-12A.I.M., Scientist
13-15A.I.M., Scientist
16-18Skrulls, Soldier
22-24Animal, Mystical
25-27Future, Guardians of the Galaxy
28-30Robot, Armor, Ruler
31-33Brotherhood of Mutants, X-Corps
31-36Brotherhood of Mutants, Brute, X-Corps
37-39Animal, Brotherhood of Mutants
40-42Martial Artist, The Hand, Warrior
43-45Celebrity, Fantastic Four
46-48Celebrity, Fantastic Four
49-51Celebrity, Fantastic Four
52-54Avengers, Thunderbolts
55-57Champions, Martial Artist, Marvel Knights
58-60Ruler, Warrior
NumberFigureVeteran Keywords
61-63Avengers, Asgardian, Deity, Ruler
64-66Avengers, Sinister Syndicate, Wild Pack
67-69Fantastic Four, Martial Artist, Warrior
70-72Fantastic Four, Scientist, Ruler
73-75Armor, Mystical, Politician, Ruler, Scientist
79-81Generation X, Hellfire Club, Psychic
85Martial Artist, X-Men
86Politician, Soldier, Spy
87Cosmic, Infinity Watch, Martial Artist, Psychic
89Celebrity, Monster, Ruler
90Skrulls, Soldier, Spy
91HYDRA, Politician, Soldier
92Brotherhood of Mutants, Mystical, Future, Robot
93Brute, Femizons, Frightful Four, Masters of Evil
95Fantastic Four, Frightful Four, Inhumans, Ruler

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