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Who/What was the...Answer
last ECW Champion before the original company folded?
first wrestling organization to gain a national cable television contract?
winner of the last match in WCW Monday Nitro history?
first man credited with bodyslamming Yokozuna?
last singles title Mick Foley has won to date?
last man to win the King of the Ring tournament at a KoTR pay-per-view?
last WCW pay-per-view event before the company folded?
last WWE Cruiserweight Champion?
last WWE European Champion?
first WCW Cruiserweight champion?
first WCW Hardcore Champion?
first WWF program to air on cable?
last title Eddie Guerrero won before his death?
first TNA World Heavyweight Champion after the NWA severed ties with the company?
first black WCW World Champion, according to WCW?
Who/What was the...Answer
first wrestler to join the New World Order after its formation?
last AWA World Heavyweight Champion?
last man Bret Hart defeated to win a WWF Championship?
last man to hold the WCW World Heavyweight Championship?
first man to officially defeat Bill Goldberg in a singles match?
first winner of an Elimination Chamber match?
first NWA pay-per-view event?
last man to date to have won a King of the Ring tournament?
last man Ric Flair was a tag team champion with?
involved in the first main event at Wrestlemania?
first singles title Bill Goldberg won in his wrestling career?
last person that Undertaker lost to at Wrestlemania
last Wrestlemania to date to be held at Madison Square Garden in New York?
first man to win the Royal Rumble?
first man to earn a WWF Championship shot by winning the Royal Rumble?

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