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What percentage of your brain is water?
How many watts of power does your brain operate on?
How much does your brain weigh (on average)?
What is used to sense objects in your area?
How many scents does your nose remember?
What color eyes do all babies have when they are born?
How much sweat do your feet produce each day?
How many times do you pass gas on average in one day?
How many miles per hour can a sneeze exceed?
How many miles per do coughs leave your body?
1/4 of your bones are in what part of your body?
What is the strongest muscle in your body?
Writing with this hand can prolong your life:
These types of tears are only shed by humans:
This body part grows 1/8 of an inch a month:
Beards grow faster in this season:
The human body produces 2-4 pints every day of this:
The human body is capable of producing this medication:
Humans shed approximately how many particles of skin every hour?
An adult has 206 bones. How many bones are babies born with?

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